Wooden Works of Art Casa Di Noce

It all started in 1957 in a small picturesque village in the wider region of Kalavrita, Klitoria, where Panagiotis Mitropoulos together with the young (at that time) Vassilis Mitropoulos, decide to make their first steps in the field of highly aesthetic and classical handmade walnut furniture, establishing the company Casa Di Noce.

Even from the first steps of its operation, Casa Di Noce, having the hands of its carpenters and traditional woodcarving techniques as the most important of its tools, stands out for the traditional, detailed and unrivalled quality of its furniture made of solid walnut of Greek origin.

The next major milestone in the company’s history comes after a few years, with the creation of the wood cutting factory in Ascoli Piceno area of central Italy. A move that aimed to distinguish Casa Di Noce from domestic competition, introducing the high-quality woodworking and design patterns of Italian furniture to the Greek market.

In the present day, Casa Di Noce operates a wood cutting factory in central Italy, a private showroom in Glyfada (Greece) and a ten-acre warehouse in the Paiania region (Greece), and consistently participates in all major furniture exhibitions around the world.

Our insistence on detail is the only way to show the world our high technique, our ability to work with nature in creating wooden works of art

Vassilis Mitropoulos
Founder, Casa Di Noce

The company, based on tradition, continues to maintain its first workshop as a museum, a space that now houses the first woodworking tools used by the founders and mentors of the new generation of the family.

Casa Di Noce, using entirely walnut wood of Greek origin, undertakes the design and manufacture of handmade furniture, solid wood constructions, marine carpentry, office spaces, restaurants and hotel equipment.

By utilizing its prestigious architects, as well as its collaborations with the world’s most profound decorative agencies, Casa Di Noce can fulfil even your most complex desires. The new generation of the company (Panagiotis, Thanasis, Vangelis and Anastasis Mitropoulos) introduced new horizons in its operation, aiming to deliver to future generations wooden works of art that defy time, improve the quality of life and fully respect the environment.

The love of nature, tradition, creativity and innovation come together in order to create something extraordinary, unique and timeless.

Musem Casa Di Noce

Brief History of Our Company



Casa Di Noce is founded by Panagiotis and Vassilis Mitropoulos in Klitoria of Kalavrita


Pan-Hellenic recognition

Vassilis Mitropoulos continues to push the company upwards. Casa Di Noce creations are known throughout Greece, everyone is looking for the origins of its natural wooden works of art with Italian finesse.


Expanding abroad

The company already owns a factory in Paiania (Greece) and a private showroom in Glyfada (Greece). The need for work optimization urges the family to create a factory in Ascoli Piceno in central Italy and to collaborate with world-renowned architects and designers.


Three generations of family tradition

The advent of the third generation in the company introduces new horizons in the corporate integration of functionality and aesthetics. With respect to the environment, Casa Di Noce continues to create wooden works of art that defy time.