The products that make up Casa Di Noce collection are made of genuine reforestation wood, mainly using walnut wood. One of the company’s top characteristics is that the walnut wood that is being used for creating wooden works of art is exclusive of Greek origin. Walnut wood stands out for its special dark brown colour. Therefore, it is used to craft special and elaborate furniture and custom creations. It is durable and has a distinctive colour. At the same time, it is receptive to further processing and is ideal for wood carving.


Casa Di Noce pays a huge amount of attention on selecting the best materials to be used in the furniture collection, characterized by reliability and longevity. The quality of raw material is on the basis of the production process and starts with the selection of the most famous wood, the walnut, which originates from controlled reforestation areas. Material quality research can be found throughout the production chain, from metal bases to the hardware, leathers and textiles, which are available in a wide spectrum of colours. Each element undergoes thorough testing in order to verify its quality and functionality, guaranteeing a 100% natural product


Our products are created with traditional woodworking techniques, thanks to our skilled artisans and the use of advanced technologies. This allows the creation of products of unparalleled quality, distinctive characteristics and which can be easily adaptable to our wooden works of art. The final product is subjected to functional testing and aesthetic compliance analysis, in order to reciprocate to the original design.


Presenting the wooden work of art, expounding its inner quality, is possible by the deconstruction of some of its pieces, which have been deliberately detached and separated, in order to exhibit the “soul” of this furniture. The same wood that is used on the outside is also on the inside. Our customer is guaranteed of receiving a piece of furniture that is made of 100% solid natural wood.