October 17, 2017

Walnut – The Rolls-Royce of wood

The walnut, waxed scientifically, belongs to the family of Karyoides with 20 species of deciduous trees. It does not have an adaptation problem and is cultivated in various types of climate and environment. But it performs more to areas with hot and humid climate.

In Greece, the walnut is multiplied by the seed of well-selected trees. In other countries, proliferation is by vaccination but is considered quite difficult

Walnut wood is particularly durable and does not show cracks. It is compact with excellent elasticity and is used in the manufacture of very good quality furniture. Because it is easily processed it is also used in wood carving.

It is one of the most valuable woods for the manufacture of valuable furniture, with a variety of water, spears and bars. The Greek walnut had the “preference” of the Italian furniture industry and unfortunately was decimated in the 80s.

It is no accident that many kinds of wood have been named and are launched as “walnuts” while they are not.

Casa Di Noce has the unique privilege of launching and processing the walnut and at the same time being walnut!